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         YOQNE'AM iLLIT                                         MEGIDO

The program of communal communication and Internet access

Description: A local-regional-global communication center based on a multimedia computer system. The communication will be on several levels:

A. Local, regional, national and global:using Internet, which is becoming popular in Israel and worldwide.Activity will be multi year in the Yoqneam-Megido school systems. There is a need for a modern, specialized center to which exiting, small centers in the region may be linked.

B.Local- regional: linking all regional residents and student with one another, thus enabling their direct influence and control over community and national events, and linking this project with the multimedia communication project.

Target Population:
Schoolchildren, youth in informal education contexts, and the adult population of Yoqneam- Megido. 800 Junior- high and High school pupils 400 Parents of these pupils 90 Teachers

1 - Establishing a local-regional Internet- Intranet network,i.e., establishing a computerized system with modems and peripheral equipment.
2 - Offering courses (beginners and advances) as extra-curricular activities in schools in the afternoons.
3- Setting up a system with sophisticated equipment and ongoing instruction, with the ability to communicate local and regionally, and internationally -- primarily with the adoptive communities; integrating multimedia.